The number of Americans who believe churches, religious groups and individual Christians are having a negative impact on American society is skyrocketing.

In 2017, 50% of Democrats – and those Democrats leaning toward socialism – believed Christians were having a positive effect on society…

Today it’s only 38% … and 40% of Democrats say churches and religious groups impact society negatively.

These statistics are from the latest Pew Research studies.

On the Republican side, of those who identified as Republican – or leaned toward Republican values – 73% in 2017 believed Christians had a positive effect on American society.

Today that percentage has dwindled to 68%.

Combining both groups, 52% — barely more than half – of Americans regard churches and religious organizations as having a positive effect on culture.

Sadly, that’s a drop of 59% since 2017…

And what’s even more surprising is the 30-point gap between Republicans and Democrats.

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