Soul Purpose magazine, with its New Zealand heritage, has been in the marketplace for over 15 years. Its vision has always been to talk to twenty and thirtysomething Christians, providing them with topics on Christianity that are relevant to them.

Soul Purpose has achieved considerable success in NZ over the last decade as a print magazine, but with the opportunity to see the magazine grow outside of NZ, it was acquired in late 2011 by global Christian media company Initiate Media.

Soul Purpose’s vision remains the same: to see our readers live out their Christianity, in every area. Not just an expression of it at church, but at work, at play, and in relationships; God-centered lives that stand out to both Christian and non-Christian peers.

Our editor, Tash McGill, and our writers are passionate about God, and making God relevant in the lives of younger Christians globally.

Soul Purpose is a combo of both a daily-updated website, combined with an iPad magazine, published 6 times a year. Our in-depth articles are saved for our magazine, ensuring we cover subjects with enough depth to provide you with deep and meaningful reading. That said, you’ll find our web articles particularly juicy too.