She is best recognized as Shuri, the technological genius stealing scenes from her brother King T’Challa in 2018’s Marvel blockbuster, Black Panther. Now, Letitia Wright has shared her favorite bible verse.

In the video below, White reveals the Bible verse a friend shared with her that set her on the path toward finding new life in Jesus. She also shares why the Bible App means so much to her.

While she is best known for the hit movie Black Panther, she has actually been appearing on television since 2011, receiving nominations for an Emmy and a British Independent Film Award, among many others, and winning a BAFTA award and an NAACP Image Award. And if you follow her on social media, you’ll also know that Letitia boldly proclaims her faith in Christ.

In a recent Instagram post, she stated, “It’s important to share the LIGHT. Honoured to share the scriptures that help me to overcome times of tribulation and hardship with @youversion bible App Praying for our world daily.

“Be blessed. Hope this bible plan encourages you during this time.”

When you see the vibrant spirit and abundant joy that she radiates today, it’s hard to imagine that White once struggled with depression and self-doubt.

In fact, Wright has been vocal about her struggles with depression. In 2018, she told Vanity Fair that when she first experienced depression at the age of 20, she “was in the dark going through so many bad things”. Wright credits her faith for helping her overcome her depression, which she discovered after attending a London actors’ Bible study meeting.

To focus on her recovery and her faith, she declined film roles. She later explained she “needed to take a break from acting” and “went on a journey to discover my relationship with God, and I became a Christian.”

Image courtesy Instagram

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