• Facing legal action for claims about supplement, Jim Bakker suffers stroke

    In the middle of a legal fight over allegedly making false claims about a health supplement, televangelist Jim Bakker has suffered a stroke. According to his wife, the work hours he has been keeping, along with the stress he has been under, has had an affect on his health. The 80 year-old preacher’s lawyers filed […]

  • Grand Jury examination called for killing of Ahmaud Arbery

    On February 23, a 25-year-old black named Ahmaud Arbery was shot dead by two white men as he jogged through the Satilla Shores neighborhood of Georgia. Yet to this day, no one has been arrested. Updated: Ahmaud Arbery alleged father and son killers arrested The father and son shooters, Gregory and Travis McMichael, said they […]

  • LA’s Dream Center providing 14,000 meals per day, with help from Kanye West

    Kanye West has joined forces with Chick-fil-A to help feed the homeless of downtown Los Angeles during the COVID-19 crisis. The Dream Center is reportedly distributing more than 14,000 meals per day at the present time. As part of this, Chick-fil-A is donating 5,000 sandwiches per week. West, himself a resident of LA resident, and […]

  • Orange County pastor to plead guilty to $33 million fraud case

    The pastor of California Church of the Healthy Self has agreed to plead guilty to federal criminal charges that he orchestrated a church-based investment scam that took in more than $33 million, United States Attorney Nick Hanna announced today. The scam, in what has been labeled a Ponzi scheme, could see the pastor face 23 […]

  • Lauren Daigle releases ‘social distancing version’ of Still Rolling Stones

    It’s a clever video of Lauren Daigle’s popular song Still Rolling Stones. Daigle has released a Zoomified version of the hit. While churches have been forced to work out how to manage without a live crowd, so have musicians. They have all been getting creative, as is evidenced in Daigle’s video below. Daigle performed the […]

  • Christian event promoter charged for defrauding investors

    A Christian event promoter has been charged with fraud over the raising of $3 million from investors. Promoter Jeffrey Wall and his business, Lighthouse Events, has been found guilty of raising money from Christian investors to run church-based events, when in fact the money raised was going to pay back past debts. Lighthouse Events, whose […]

  • Teen Vogue busted for showing teens how to sext during coronavirus

    The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has called on Teen Vogue to stop encouraging its teen audience to create child sexual abuse material (child pornography) by sexting during quarantine, and also urged Snapchat to cease promoting these messages by Teen Vogue via Discover. “Teen Vogue is playing right into sexual predators’ hands by promoting sexting […]

  • Hobby Lobby criticized for no sick pay during COVID-19

    The Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, are in hot water after not offering staff sick pay during the coronavirus pandemic. According to Forbes, David Green, the billionaire founder of the crafts retail chain, has an estimated net worth of $US6.2 billion. Leaked memo to managers state that sick workers – including those who test […]

  • ‘Take your confession straight to God’ Pope tells Catholics

    As both Catholics and Christians cannot get to a physical church due to the coronavirus lockdown, Catholics have the issue that they therefore cannot get to confession. However, Catholics have found an answer after Pope Francis has told them to take their confessions straight to God. The Pope recently asked God to stop the coronavirus. […]

  • ‘Please stop the coronavirus’ the Pope asks God

    The Pope has spoken out on the pandemic that has shocked the world, praying for God to stop the virus spreading. In an interview with the Italian daily newspaper, “La Repubblica”, Pope Francis told the publication he is praying for an end to the coronavirus pandemic. He also asked everyone to be close to those […]

  • It turns out the Museum of the Bible’s Dead Sea Scrolls are fake

    It turns out that there is some news outside of the coronavirus as word surfaces that the Museum of the Bible’s scrolls are all fake. In a highly embarrassing situation for the group, reportedly majority funded by Hobby Lobby’s Green family, the museum has been forced to speak out after reviews show that the museum […]

  • Following back surgery, Ravi Zacharias reveals he has cancer

    Well-known Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias has requested urgent prayers for his health after doctors discovered he had a rare form of cancer following back surgery. “As many of you know, I underwent surgery to repair my back 3 weeks ago. The surgery was considered a success, and the surgeon felt it was a strong reconstruction,” […]