• Suffering: the subject Christians don’t want to talk about

    All of us can tend to be all rather quiet about certain issues. For example, we fully expect the world to remain silent about various things – especially things the militants and radicals have told us we are not allowed to talk about. You can get away with murder – quite literally – when you […]

  • Godly Pride: Why the Spiritual Can be Just Arrogant

    We are told that pride is one of the seven deadly sins. It certainly is a deadly sin. And spiritual pride may be the worst form of this. Of course we are all susceptible to pride, and all Christians are at risk of succumbing to spiritual pride. Self-righteousness and carrying on like a Pharisee is […]

  • Dealing with loneliness or grief at Christmas

    Sadly the loss of loved ones happens every single day. But it is especially difficult to cope with this at a time like Christmas. For those involved, every Christmas following the tragic event will be tarnished by so many painful and unbearable memories. We think for example about the five children who lost their lives […]