• If you’re feeling like you lack faith, blind surfer Derek Rabelo might just revive it

    ‘If I can do all this and I’m blind, what can you achieve?’ This is a famous quote from Derek Rabelo, a Brazilian blind surfer whose total life is in God’s hands. He is a young man with great courage, inspiration and motivation, and as he releases his new book, I sat down with him […]

  • World Vision Australia to pay back 250 staff $8.9 million in underpayment scandal

    World Vision Australia has apologized after it has been revealed that the Christian charity has been caught underpaying its workers nearly $9 million. The number of workers affected by this is 250: 200 casuals and 45 permanent employees being underpaid. According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the Acting Chief Executive Officer for World Vision Australia, […]

  • ‘Biblical proportion’ locusts swarm hit Africa

    “The world has just weeks left to act before an upsurge in locusts in the Horn of Africa becomes a full-blown plague,” the UN Humanitarian office has stated. Unfortunately that urgent appeal and warning from the United Nations is falling on deaf ears as an appeal for some €70 million in emergency funding is still […]