• Captors demand $1 million ransom to release Christian nurse kidnapped in Haiti

    The hopes of Christian nurse Alix Dorsainvil and her daughter being released by her captors has taken a turn for the worse after they demanded a $1 million ransom. An urgent effort is underway to free the kidnapped American Christian nurse and her child in Haiti, while the worsening situation in the Caribbean nation has […]

  • As New York Times Article Exposes Pornhub, Christian Group Responds

    A Christian group has responded after Pulitzer Prize-Winning New York Times Journalist Nicholas Kristof published an Op-Ed exposing Pornhub. Exodus Cry, an organization focused on abolishing sex trafficking and breaking the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation while assisting and empowering its victims, spoke out on the powerful piece by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nicholas Kristof, who […]

  • Kenneth Copeland preach by popular Youtuber goes viral

    A remixed video of Kenneth Copeland has gone viral after a Youtuber cut his music into a Kenneth Copeland Covid-19 preach. Youtuber Andre Antunes has taken a novel approach to heavy metal, cutting in his music around the televangelist, which, at the time of publishing, has been seen by 5.6 million people on Twitter alone. […]

  • California megachurch cleared of Covid outbreak

    John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church has been cleared of having a Covid-19 outbreak after it has been pursued by LA county authorities. The church has been caught up in a battle with LA officials after its high profile senior pastor refused to stop live gatherings. “We are glad to announce that we received a notice […]

  • Bethel pastor apologizes, now retracts prophecy apology as he waits for election results

    The Bethel pastor who issued an apology after prophesying that Donald Trump would win the Presidential election has removed the video in which he apologized. Kris Vallotton, who prophesied that Donald Trump would win last week’s election, issued an apology, stating it was a “major, major mistake”. Related: Do We Need to Hold the Prophets […]

  • Carl Lentz’s alleged Muslim lover speaks out: ‘I was unaware he was a pastor’

    As news broke last week that Hillsong New York City pastor Carl Lentz had been fired after having an affair, the alleged woman involved has spoken out. New York woman Ranin, who dos not want to reveal her surname and also states that she is a Muslim, told The Sun that she was not aware […]

  • Kirk Cameron warns that socialism and communism are ‘knocking on our doors’

    As we are down to the final days before America will decide who will lad the nation for the next four years, Christian actor Kirk Cameron has declared that socialism is a major issue. Cameron also stated in a separate interview that back in 2016, 40 million Christian voters chose not to vote, yet this […]

  • Hillsong buys iconic Australian music hall

    Hillsong megachurch has purchased Melbourne’s iconic Festival Hall for $23 million. The venue for the first few meetings of Billy Graham’s 1959 Crusade, Festival Hall is a major concert venue that has hosted numerous pop stars and rock groups. The venue has reportedly been for sale for three years, with Hillsong securing the venue to […]

  • Donald Trump announces he is now a ‘non-denominational Christian’

    U.S. President Donald Trump, who is in the political fight of his life as the election edges closer, has confirmed that he is now a non-denominational Christian. Trump was brought up as a Presbyterian, however in an interview with Religion News Service, he stated, “Though I was confirmed at a Presbyterian church as a child, […]

  • Flamed for his faith: Cancel culture hits Chris Pratt

    It’s started to happen. Now the cancel culture mob are turning their poisonous fangs towards prominent figures whose only ‘crime’ is that they are Christians. This week, a social media campaign has erupted, calling on Hollywood to stop working with Chris Pratt. Why? Because they believe he is a “conservative Trumper” and a “Bible pusher”. […]

  • The new Christian super PAC group aiming to take Trump out of office

    As we get closer to the eleventh hour of this crucial U.S. Presidency election, a new Christian group has launched a scathing campaign to keep Donald Trump out of accessing the Christian vote. The Associated Press reports that Not Our Faith has launched, with the intention of showing Christians that President Trump is not worthy […]

  • Bethel Church responds after large outbreak of Covid-19

    Californian megachurch Bethel Church has been forced to respond after a large number of people contracted the coronavirus whilst on their premises. Health officials reported that the church, based in Shasta County, Northern California, has been linked to a recent spike in Covid-19 cases. Related: Cancel culture hits Bethel worship leader over censored Insta posts Officials […]