• Fascinating new books portray journey of young man caught in End Times fight

    It is hard, even for the strongest of Christians, to comprehend that, even when we are simply “sitting on the couch”, there is a battle raging for our souls. Our fight is a spiritual one, and we are all engaged in it, whether we like it or not. The Last Sunset and its sequel, The […]

  • Plan A not working? What about trying God’s Plan B

    John Cronshaw is a remarkable man. Having been a Christian since 1960, he is the founding director of a group of tourism companies based in the Blue Mountains of Australia, which was initially established in 1974. John regards his business as a ministry and part of his business is Christian Fellowship Tours, which takes Christians […]

  • Young Christians contemplating abortion: this woman has a message for you

    As abortion is affecting more and more women around the world, the story that is never told is the after effects. We hear so much about women’s rights and why women have the right to do with their bodies what they want, but there is a sinister side to abortion that rarely gets told. Sharon […]

  • In the midst of COVID-19, author tells the story of hope and restoration

    A book written during a time when “everything was going wrong’  has been released at a time when the whole world needs hope. The Heart of Ruth, which has just been released by Ark House, was written by author Johanna Pascall when she was going through one of those seasons in her life when everything […]