• ‘This is why I’m done with America’

    Yesterday was a long year. I’d only been up for four hours, which was about the length of time I’d slept the night before, and already I’d been beaten relentlessly by a social media tsunami of anti-mask proselytizing, confederate statue worship—and a quick cut horror show of trending news stories about COVID parties, Costco white […]

  • When The Problem With American Christianity ‘Has Nothing to do With Jesus’

    I meet thousands of people every year who rightly recoil against Christianity in America, who are fully sickened by its  insidious influence in our political system; who see it as a toxic presence in our nation—one that serves only to divide and perpetuate inequity and inflict injury. Yet, it’s almost universally true, that these same […]

  • You Know You Can’t Wish Away A Pandemic, Right?

    As a rule, denial is a really terrible life-saving strategy, no matter how popular it might be. Yesterday, I drove past a house party in my neighborhood: thirty or so people crammed into and spilling out of a home; grabbing drinks from coolers and playing corn hole and watching TV on a porch. No social […]