• Theology gone wrong: 60% of Christians Under 40 Say Jesus not only way to salvation

    A newly released American study draws attention to a “striking decline” in traditional biblical beliefs among those who claim to be evangelicals. The study by Probe Ministries discovered that 60% of those claiming to be ‘born again’ Christians in America, aged between 18 and 39, believe that Buddha and Muhammad are equally valid paths to […]

  • Sex before marriage: Is it a help or hindrance?

    Sex before marriage has become the norm in our society. “Try before you buy” appears to be the motto of today’s younger generations. In fact, many people are choosing not to ‘buy’ at all, but to lead a permanent lifestyle of casual sex, involving ‘hook ups’ with almost total strangers or engaging in a series […]

  • ‘We are standing at a precipice’: Amazon removes transgender book

    This week has seen more disturbing censorship of moral viewpoints by big business. A few days ago, Amazon removed Dr. Ryan T. Anderson’s book, “When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Movement” from its web store. The book voices serious concerns about the transgender movement, but does so while presenting a very balanced and […]

  • The Ravi Zacharias Fall From Grace: Are Christians Partly To Blame?

    The recent shocking revelations about Ravi Zacharias’s deliberate and prolific sexual predation over many years should serve as a wake-up call to the evangelical church. In some ways, the modern church must be held to blame for the way we have allowed a ‘super-star’ ministry model to develop, where gifted Christian preachers and teachers are […]

  • As Christian actress fired, ‘here’s the difference between a moral viewpoint and phobia’

    A Christian actress, Seyi Omooba, was fired from her lead role in a theatre production in 2019 over her allegedly “homophobic Facebook post”. Seyi has since taken the theatre company to court, suing them for wrongful dismissal. As her case has progressed, the injustice of her treatment has become apparent. Firstly, the Facebook post in […]

  • Have you ever wondered who made God?

    Adherence to a religious worldview continues to decline in America at an alarming rate. Recent data released by the Pew Research Centre indicates that atheism or agnosticism has risen from 17% to nearly 30% in the last decade and there is a corresponding decrease in religious affiliation and observance.  The average person is now much […]

  • New ‘Buffet-Style’ Christianity as 1 in 3 believe Jesus is not God

    A recent study called “The American Worldview Inventory” has revealed that about a third of Americans who claim to be evangelicals do not believe that Jesus Christ is God. The study, conducted by Arizona Christian University, confirmed what has already become obvious over the last decade. Traditional Christian beliefs and values are on the decline […]

  • When we put our Christian leaders on pedestals

    The fall from grace of Christian leaders always shocks us. When people we have looked up to are discovered to have had affairs or engaged in abusive behaviour or illicit sexual conduct, it’s easy to become disillusioned. Some disheartened believers even abandon their faith altogether as a result. Many become angry because trust has been […]

  • Males who identify as women to be nominated in Australian awards

    Nominations are now open for the 2020 NSW (Australia) Woman of the Year Award. Who can be nominated? Anyone who identifies as a woman. This is not the first year that the Awards have been open to men. Last year, a man who identified as a woman was a finalist in the NSW Woman of […]

  • The danger of Cancel Culture

    Cancel Culture is the push to remove all traces of something or someone from society when what they stand for doesn’t conform to current ‘group think’. At a personal level, we rightly condemn bullying in all its forms – physical, verbal and cyber. But cancel culture has somehow slipped through the back door as a […]

  • Stop making us look bad: What’s the go with poorly behaved Christians?

    In response to an objection to Christianity that has been raised by several sceptics recently, I have decided to publish publicly the first section of chapter 11 of my book, Finding God When He Seems to be Hiding. The chapter is entitled, Christians Behaving Badly, and the first section is as follows: A significant speed bump in […]

  • What happens after the coronavirus lock down?

    Two American professors have just published a paper documenting their grave concerns about current pandemic modelling, claiming that it doesn’t factor in what will happen after the current extreme social distancing measures have been lifted. Their own modelling indicates that after the current restrictions are lifted, world-wide infections and deaths from COVID-19 will skyrocket due […]