Bethel pastor Kris Vallotton has been forced to clarify comments about people’s virginity being restored after a video uploaded to Tik Tok went viral.

The video, which can be seen on the link above, references comments made by the pastor back in 2014, in which he states that he has seen women’s hymens restored by prayer and that people have had their virginity restored.

In the 57 second video, he stated that, “I’ve seen thousands of people’s virginity restored. I have hundred of emails about girls’ hymens that have been restored.”

The Bethel pastor was forced to publish a statement clarifying comments made in the video, as well as publishing a vlog below to address concerns.

“There are certain topics and conversations that the Church has often pushed under the rug or whispered about in a corner,” the pastor stated. “Sexuality is one of these topics that is often disregarded and avoided in the Church. Yet, I feel it is vitally important that the Body of Christ brings clarity and truth to a subject that the world has perverted and religion has shamed for far too long. This past weekend, we uploaded an old teaching that I shared with School of Worship students from 2014 to my YouTube channel.

“Someone who I do not know created a short, 57-second video using select soundbites from that teaching, and posted the clip on social media. Understandably, anyone who saw that short video would be confused as the full context was completely missing. My team took down the original video from YouTube so that we could review it. We felt led to further address the topic of sexual purity and bring clarity to this teaching, as well as address some of the concerns and feedback we received.

“In this video (below), I address the topic of sexual purity with my wife Kathy Vallotton and the Directors of Moral Revolution, Cole and Caitlin Zick. In this video, you’ll find a conversation and clarification I wanted to share with you. 

“This is a complicated topic that I am extremely passionate about! My heart is to bring freedom to people and break shame off of the topic of sexuality. I have been teaching about healthy sexuality for decades — and wrote the book and founded the organization Moral Revolution to help bring clarity and promote God’s original design for sexuality.”

Pastor Vallotton also made headlines last year after announcing that Donald Trump would win the Presidential election. He issued an apology before removing the video in which he apologized, stating it was a “major, major mistake”.

Pastor Vallotton is a Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California and also the cofounder of the Bethel School of Ministry.

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