Brian and Bobbie Houston’s daughter, Laura Toganivalu, and her husband, Peter, have announced they have stepped down from their roles at Hillsong Church.

Known as Laura and Peter Toggs, the couple were seen as the long-term senior pastors replacements at Hillsong once Brian and Bobbie would have stepped down had they still been employed.

However, with the resignation of Brian in March 2022, followed closely behind by Bobbie’s exit from the megachurch, the young couple’s future at the church immediately had a question mark next to it.

At last Sunday’s Sydney service, it was officially announced that the couple were stepping down. In a statement and video posted on Instagram, Laura Toggs stated: “We thought we would share a video from Sunday in case friends may have missed it, it’s a big step for us Toggsys so we wanted to update our loved ones 🙂

“Thank u Ps Phil & Luc for creating a moment in the service as we step into a new chapter. It gave us the chance to share our hearts with our church of 30/36 years & it meant a lot to be prayed for alongside our kids in the place we have both grown up in.

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“Both of us have been in our church for as long as we can remember & our affection remains for the people, places & experiences that have made an indelible mark upon our hearts. We will forever be grateful & will always call the people that we’ve shared so much life & ministry with “family”. Thank u @hillsong church.”

This has to be a difficult position the young couple have been placed in. Brian Houston himself has stated in the past that his resignation from the church has been hard on his daughter and her husband, whose vision was to take over the church.

While they have stayed in their positions at Hillsong, the ongoing press surrounding Brian Houston, especially given the recent news he was charged with drink driving in California February 2022, ha no doub made their positions at the besieged megachurch untenable.

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