We are often told that we need to be ‘on fire’ for Jesus, but one British vicar took the message a bit too literally.

The coronavirus has been a very serious time – and it still is – so we thought we would bring you the video of the minister who got it wrong.

Reverend Simon Beach, of St Budeaux Parish Church in Plymouth, was filming a church sermon for his members when he caught on fire.

The vicar was in the middle of his sermon when he got too close to one of the candles, setting his sweater alight. He can be heard saying, “Oh dear, I’ve just caught fire.”

As churches are realizing the importance of streaming their services, this British minister clearly shows them how not to do it.

He told the PA news agency that “people have laughed and laughed.”

As churches, along with everything else, are now off limits to the public, churches have been forced into swift action to ensure they can spread the message to their members.

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