Bruxy Cavey, the head pastor at Toronto’s The Meeting House Church, has officially resigned from after he was suspended from his role in 2021.

Cavey had been placed on a leave of absence from his role as Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House after he was accused of sexual misconduct last December, giving the church’s Board time to appoint a third party investigator to assess the situation.

Cavey was accused of sexual misconduct by a woman who reported her allegations to the church’s board of directors. After being suspended immediately, he has been awaiting results of the investigation to determine his future.

“The investigator determined that Bruxy had maintained a sexual relationship with the Victim, an adult woman, in violation of The Meeting House policy and the Handbook of Faith and Life of Be in Christ Church of Canada,” the Board said in a statement published on their website yesterday. “The investigator also found that what became a sexual relationship between Bruxy and the Victim, which lasted over an extended period of time, constituted an abuse of Bruxy’s power and authority as a member of the clergy, and amounted to sexual harassment.

“Due to the seriousness of the investigator’s findings, our Board unanimously decided to ask Bruxy to resign from his role at The Meeting House effective immediately. Bruxy then submitted his resignation on March 3rd, which the Overseers accepted.”

Cavey posted to his blog the same day, sharing his sorrow over the affair. “At the core of these allegations there is truth,” he wrote. “Some years ago, I had an extramarital affair. I am ashamed even to write these words, and I am so sorry that you have to read them.

“This adulterous relationship is my greatest failure, my darkest sin, and I take full responsibility for my actions. I have broken bonds of trust with my wife, family, and church family, including the woman I became involved with. I have brought untold pain, heartache, and confusion into the lives of those I love and who love me. I am deeply sorry.

“I was also irresponsible in my role as a spiritual leader and Christian clergy, which involves dynamics of power and influence and an expectation of exemplary conduct that makes me doubly accountable. I accept this responsibility, with deep regret for my actions.

“I wish I had had the courage years ago to divulge what has now become publicly known through the bravery of the woman I was involved with. Although I had repented before God, I kept it a secret from others. I am sorry upon sorry for my cowardice. I realize that repentance without confession is only partial and prevents healing and authentic relationship in the light of truth.”

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