Sacked Hillsong New York City pastor has been offered a fee of $77,700 per month to deliver sermons on an X-rated website.

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The Daily Mail reported that Lentz, who was sacked by Brian Houston after a five month affair with a Muslim woman, has been offered the job of ‘becoming (X-rated site) CamSoda’s pastor and delivering weekly religious sermons on their latform.

Ranin Karim, who says she had an affair with the former pastor, recently spoke out in her first televised interview about their alleged relationship.

The letter below, from the website’s Vice president, states, “At CamSoda we embrace the human form and support our models freedom to express themselves and explore their personalities and relationships however they feel comfortable.

“For someone who has helped guide the misguided, I think you could shepherd our users and models to accept themselves and appreciate gifts the Lord has given them.

“Let me lay out what I’m looking for. I’d love for you to be CamSoda’s pastor and deliver weekly religious sermons on our platform this holiday season.

“We’d love for you to start as soon as possible, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner and continue through the New Year. We can stream your sermons to our millions of fans worldwide (I’m sure many of our models would be interested in tuning in, as well).

“It won’t matter where you are in the world – Montclair, NJ or Los Angeles, CA or wherever – so long as you have a webcam you can deliver weekly sermons to our users touching on whatever subject material you’d like.

“Would you be interested in working together with us to help spread the good word? In return for your weekly sermons we would be willing to compensate you up to $77,700.”

It is unknown whether Lentz will take up the offer. He and his family have reportedly moved to Los Angeles to re-build their marriage, while there has been no news on what the future will hold for the celebrity pastor, who was highly influential in the faith life of Justin Bieber.

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