Hillsong New York lead pastor Carl Lentz has announced that he has contracted the coronavirus.

The news comes as New York is in full lockdown mode as the virus hits the city hard.

FoxNews reports that Lentz, while on Instagram Live with fellow pastor Judah Smith, said, “I’m fine. I’m good…Let me tell you something. It is definitely real…the symptoms are so real. It’s kind of like a flu times 50…still don’t feel like myself…I look forward to getting my energy back.

“My breath is a lot shorter. Fatigue is a lot quicker. My advice to people is try to take this as seriously as you can.”

Hillsong New York has, like all churches, closed its doors and moved its church online.

Lentz is in quarantine, like all others who have contracted the virus, in a bid to ensure the virus does not spread.

Image courtesy Instagram

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