Christian radio host Eric Metaxas has had his radio program removed from Youtube for reportedly violating ‘community standards’.

“FINALLY,” he wrote, “YouTube decided that because we violated their ‘community standards’ my show has been entirely kicked off their platform.”

According to Reclaim the Net, Metaxas, who is a vocal critic of the current US administration, also urged his followers to subscribe to the radio show’s channel on Rumble, a YouTube competitor. Another way to access his content is to subscribe to a newsletter via his website.

In a video on Rumble, Metaxas said that the channel tried to follow YouTube’s rules by what sounds like a form of self-censorship – although he described it as “playing patty-cake” – for the sake of remaining on the platform.

“You don’t want us to put on anything that talks about, you know, all the exciting stuff. So, alright, we won’t post that on YouTube,” Metaxas said of the attempts to somehow appease YouTube’s censorship overlords.

In regards to YouTube terminating my radio show channel, it’s been clear to us for some time that they wanted to wipe us out,” he wrote on Facebook. “So although we have done our very best to comply with their creepy Marxist “community standards” they nonetheless seem to have been digging into some of our older videos to find things they could use against us. As their uncredited hero Stalin infamously said, “Show me the man and I will find you the crime.”

“The loss to us financially is devastating, but when you are speaking truth at a time such as this you cannot be daunted by such things. None of my heroes ever were and by God’s grace I never will be. We trust that what we are doing is right and we will not be silenced. In fact this grotesque attack on free speech emboldens us dramatically in calling out Maoist and Soviet-style tactics for what they are, an expression of deepest fear that the truth can never be silenced. Because it cannot.”

Metaxas, who was a strong supported of Donald Trump, made the news in 2020 after footage appeared of him allegedly punching a protester in the face.

Metexas was at the National Republic Convention when a protester on a bicycle voiced his opinion. In the video, Metexas appeared to punch the man, before back-tracking quickly to the safety of security and police.

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