Controversial Christian author and blogger Jen Hatmaker has made the announcement that she and her husband are divorcing.

Hatmaker back in 2016 shocked the Christian world at the time when she called for the full inclusion of LGBT people into the Christian community. She reiterated her position in October 2016, and as a result, LifeWay Christian Resources decided to discontinue selling her publications.

Jen Hatmaker celebrates daughter’s lesbian identity: ‘What’s right and wrong’

Hatmaker and her husband, Brandon have five children. She made the announcement on social media, stating, “I first thank you for the kindness you have shown these last two months,” referring to the fact she asked for prayer, without specifically stating why.

“We are in a moment with no handbook and without a single clue how to navigate this privately, much less publicly. I don’t know how to hide grief, so I haven’t, and I am grateful for your absolute decency these last few weeks. I don’t know how to say this, and I still cannot believe I am even saying it, but Brandon and I are getting divorced.

“Although the details are ours alone, this was completely unexpected, and I remain stunned as we speak. I am shocked, grief-stricken, and broken-hearted.”

Although this community is impossibly dear, beloved to me, in case you are an interloper who revels in the pain of another, I beg you to spare us your cruelty. We have suffered so greatly. (Hateful comments that harm our family will be deleted.)

“The kids and I are getting away to retreat for awhile, and I ask for your kindness…and for some room to breathe. Please respect the privacy of our children and our extended family. Our loss is not for public devouring. We are real people managing this in our real life in real time, and we are doing the absolute best we know how to do.”

She also called for prayer, commenting, “If you pray, pray for us. Hold us so dear to your hearts. We have felt your prayers these last few weeks. We have experienced your mercy. Thank you for being good to us. Know that we are deeply surrounded by love and have not been alone a single second in two months. Please help protect us and keep us safe as we try to heal and rebuild.”

Since the 2016 presidential election she alleges that she has been receiving death threats for making public statements critical of Donald Trump and challenging evangelical Christian attitudes towards LGBT people, and her family has been harassed by the community where she lives in Buda, Texas.

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Beloved community, w/ great love & tender hearts, my daughter Sydney & I bring you a bonus podcast Pride Month ep. in which Sydney talks about being loved by God, loved by people, loved by her parents….& gay. This is not news. This is not a “hot take.” Sydney has been true & out w/ her whole family & community for years, but I always told her when she was ready to “be out” to this community, the mic was hers. She is not “a secret”. This is her story, her words, her terms, as it should be. She talks about the suffering, the fear, the unaffirming church experience, the worries her young heart endured alone. We both bawled. It is devastating and important. .⠀ This convo is for every beloved person in the LGBTQ community, mamas & daddies of LGBTQ kids, those reexamining what they’ve always been taught in the church, those asking new questions, allies & friends, pastors & faith leaders, people yearning to come out…but its' mainly for my daughter. She deserves to be free in her own gorgeous life & she said it was time so here we are. .⠀ This is our girl. We are so proud. We love every inch of her & celebrate her queerness alongside every other wonderful characteristic. This community has loved her since she was little, so I know you will be good to her young, beautiful heart. .⠀ But to any interlopers tempted to Bible-splain, deliver shame, drop some “love the sinner, hate the sin” trauma, or criticize our family, our theology, or our kid in any way, please know it will be the last thing you say on this page. My team is having a block party today: BLOCK & DELETE. This is our party & our story & our incredible daughter & your disapproval/judgment/self-righteousness isn’t just annoying – it is traumatizing to LGBTQ people & I won’t have it. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. .⠀ Here is my girl bravely telling her story. Listen & learn from her. We love her like crazy. We are the luckiest. (Please don’t mob her social feeds or DM her or whatever because 20-year-olds don't want to manage 1k texts from middle aged moms. Just comment here & let the young thing live her life.) .⠀ in profile) #HappyPrideMonth #HappySydney #whyisshesocute

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Hatmaker recently announced that her daughter was gay. In a social media post, she said, “This is our girl. We are so proud. We love every inch of her & celebrate her queerness alongside every other wonderful characteristic. This community has loved her since she was little, so I know you will be good to her young, beautiful heart.

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