As face mask sales around the world soar to the highest than they have ever been, Hillsong has decided to get in on the action.

The megachurch, based out of Australia, has started producing ‘Not Today’ face masks.

“Ha. “Devil no, not today..” stated senior pastor Brian Houston, in a shout out to his 732,000 Instagram followers. “Go to to see how you can get these face masks.”

The ‘Not Today’ face masks cannot be purchased on their own, but rather sent out when Christians make a donation to the church’s TV channel.

Hillsong has recently asked members to keep giving, as the church has had to put major projects on hold due to the pandemic. Income streams such as conferences and music releases have been affected while the world remains in isolation, which could greatly lessen the church’s revenue.

The Daily Mail reports that the church reportedly banked $130 million last financial year.

In their article, the Daily Mail also reported that the church states it has always been generous to those in need.

“It is our hope that we will all continue to support our church financially, so that we can meet the additional demands at these times,” a church email said.

“To prepare for the significant financial challenges that we as a church face, we have taken steps to place some large projects on hold amongst other prudent measures in preparation for the season ahead.

“We ask in this season that our people remain faithful to bringing in their tithes and offerings, financially supporting our church as we endeavour to bring the message of hope and meet the needs of others.”

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