As protests continue across the country following the death of George Floyd, conversations about racism and social justice are important for Christians to have right now.

Floyd was an African American man who died in police custody on May 25 in Minneapolis. Video of the moments before his death sparked national outrage, and in a Facebook post, Franklin Graham called what took place “inexcusable.”

The arresting officer has since been charged, yet the deep-seated emotions surrounding Floyd’s death extend far beyond this event.

So, how can the Church be effective when it comes to matters of race and equality?

Here are five Biblical reminders from Franklin Graham to keep in mind as you tackle this issue:

1. God created everyone in His image and shows no favor according to race.

“One race is not superior over another. God created mankind in His image and He loves us. The Bible tells us that, ‘He made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth.’”

Ask God to help you see others as He sees them and remove any favoritism or discrimination, known or unknown. You can be an example of what it looks like to treat others equally with the love of Christ.

2. Racism is a result of evil in the human heart.

“We’ve all witnessed far too many examples of the results of hate festering in the human heart—and it is devastating.”

Pray God will heal hearts hardened by hate and bitterness. Take a stand against evil, and be a light in dark times.

3. Racism leads to division.

“I denounce bigotry and racism of every form, be it black, white or any other. My prayer is that our nation will come together. We are stronger together, and our answers lie in turning to God.”

Strive to better understand other races and those who are not like you. Rather than seeing differences, find commonality and seek answers together from God.

4. Faith in Jesus Christ leads to love and unity.

“We are all Americans, and we need unity today more than ever. Through faith in Christ we can have love and reconciliation with one another—regardless of race. Jesus Christ can change the human heart and take away the prejudice, racism and hatred that lies within.”

Remember it is God who does the saving. Trust that as you share His truth and love, the Holy Spirit will do the work.

5. The only solution to ending racism is Jesus Christ.

“The real cure for the racial divide in our country is for hearts to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Share the Gospel at every opportunity, and pray fervently for God to send revival.

“I ask Christians across the country to pray—for calm, for peace, and for an end to the violence. … I ask every church to contact your members and ask them to pray. Our nation is in trouble. The only One who can heal the racial divide is Jesus Christ who has the power to transform the human heart.”

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