Hilary Clinton has spoken out on U.S. President Donald Trump in a recent interview, stating that he has hijacked the Bible.

During the George Floyd protests outside the White House, the President had the crowd dispersed with tear gas so he could walk to a nearby church, where he was then photographed holding a copy of the Bible.

The scene even caused a stir amongst some Christians, who thought Trump was using the church as a backdrop to appeal to Christians in this, an election year.

“Trump can’t tell you a single thing that’s in the Bible,” she said on Sky News.

“That has been a pattern. He’s tried to hijack Christianity and the Bible in ways that are deeply hypocritical and that was just another occasion.”

Many have been quick to defend Trump on social media. One person stated, “Funny how she’s more upset with Trump holding a bible than the actual fact the church was set on fire. Or the fact the democrats literally did a photo op with the scarfs they wore and took the knee for 8 mins.”

Another said, “I don’t care about the losers I want to see the winners.”

Yet another stated, “Last throw of the dice with Sky support to bring down Donald Trump. You really couldn’t get lower in the gutter than this smear!”

While Trump’s personal religious beliefs are largely unknown, one thing is certain, and that is that he stands up for the conservative beliefs of the church.

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