Hillsong Church has been forced to apologize after a staff member who manages their Twitter account tweeted out during the recent debate for US President Trump’s microphone to be muted.

In the tense debate, which turned into a farce as both Trump and Joe Biden continually talked over the top of each other, whoever manages Hillsong’s Twitter account has no doubt meant to tweet on a personal account, but instead clearly logged into the church’s account.

“Can’t they just mute Trump’s microphone!!” it read. “He is coming across as such a bully. No respect for him sorry. #PresidentialDebate2020”.

Hillsong Church released an apology on Twitter, confirming the tweet was posted in error.

“Earlier today a staff member accidentally posted on this account personal comments about the US presidential debate, that were meant for a personal account,” the church said.

“Hillsong does not comment on partisan politics & apologizes. These comments do not represent the views of Hillsong Church.”

For those who have more than one account they manage, it is an easy mistake. However, the many comments below Hillsong’s apology show that not all of their followers were understanding of the situation.

The first presidentiаl debаte hаs been plаgued with criticism, with US TV networks аnchors аnd politicаl experts shell-shocked by whаt they hаd just witnessed between Trump аnd Biden.

This was an important debate between the two men who will lead America through some very dark financial days post Covid, yet they debated like school boys.

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