Justin Bieber has taken to social media to share a message of faith, just as so many people around the world are struggling under the challenges of Civid-19.

Posting recently after releasing his new song ‘Holy’, in which he collaborated with Chance the Rapper, Bieber posted after watching church online.

“Today as I watched church online, I was reminded that Jesus beat Death for you and I!” he shared on Instagram. “He is the savior of humanity! We are dealing with a publicity crisis!!. So many horrible things done in the name of religion and Jesus.. the truth about Jesus is that he doesn’t pick political sides, Jesus is above it all!

“He died for all people, he died so that whosoever believes in him will not die but have everlasting life! Jesus cannot fit into your political box. Jesus is king of kings, president of all presidents and he will reign forever. He is a perfect, loving, nurturing father that is obsessed with you and I!”

Bieber actively shares messages of faith to his 147 million followers, reaching a generation of young people with a gospel message when the reality is that 99% of them will never set foot in a church.

His message is pertinent in that so many people are interested in Jesus, but not necessarily organized religion.

The music megastar is also open about his struggles in life, helping his fans realize that while God plays a major role in his life, he is after all human and regularly gets it wrong.

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