Four evangelical leaders help shape and protect policy, the media, and Christians.

Four who are the most influential, evangelical Christian leaders most Christians couldn’t name. 

Can you?

There are some great radio teachers/pastors, great authors, great TV personalities, great movie stars, great singers and worship leaders who are evangelical Christians.

But who are the four who are the most influential in America today – who have the ear of President Trump?

They are the ones whom President Trump encourages people to listen to. 

They are the ones who are able to talk to President Trump.

They are the ones who have the highest media visibility.

Who are the four?

1. Pastor Jentezen Franklin

The last time I saw Pastor Franklin and talked to him was at The Ministerial for Religious Freedom. 

The man has a heart for the persecuted church.

The man has a heart for religious liberty.

I’ve talked to him about my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know. I’ve been to his church multiple times — even went to Israel with him. But these last couple of years, his influence has skyrocketed.

On the first Sunday of the historic China pandemic quarantine, President Trump let the world know he was going to see his church service online.

You can see that church service here. 

It was a powerful service to watch.

2. Franklin Graham

I recently was on a faith leader call with President Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence, and … Franklin Graham.  Franklin Graham has stood up against incredible pressure to stand for religious liberty and the Gospel.

He never gives up an opportunity to talk about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and inviting people to accept Christ as their personal savior whenever he is on media.  And he probably has more media attention than any other evangelical in America.

3. Pastor Greg Laurie

The second Sunday of the China pandemic quarantine, President Trump tweeted out to the surprise of Pastor Greg Laurie of Horizon Fellowship. 

Greg Laurie, who is famous for Harvest Crusades where thousands accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, is a great teacher/preacher who has a heart for the Gospel.

Like me, his roots are with Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, and pastor Chuck Smith.  From that training, his faithfulness to teaching the Word of God is without compromise.

Over the years, I’ve seen him shift to understanding that he must speak up against the evils of the overt attacks of government on people of faith.

On the second day of the quarantine, President Trump tweeted that he was planning to watch pastor Greg Laurie’s service.

You can watch Pastor Laurie’s service here.

  1. Pastor Robert Jeffress

One of the early supporters of President Trump’s pro-religion, pro-freedom and pro-life actions was Pastor Jeffress. The media and politicians attacked him, but he stood firm.

Pastor Robert Jeffress, who pastors the First Baptist Church of Dallas is a staunch advocate of religious freedom and is a defender of biblical truth.

And he is very good with media relations.

On Easter Sunday, the president asked everyone to watch his online service.  You can watch it here.

NOTE: This video is nearly 3 hours long.


Craig Huey is author and publisher of The Huey Report and a frequent guest on TV including Fox and radio stations such as KKLA, KWVE and KBRT. His new book, The Deep State, is available now.

Image courtesy Wikipedia Commons

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