Televangelist Kenneth Copeland has used his latest program to tell his viewers that they need to put up their shield to block COVID-19.

Copeland seemed to condemn Christians who watch the news for updates on COVID-19 instead of listening to preachers like himself.

Paying attention to the news, apparently, gives the virus authority over their minds. And who cares if viewers test positive, anyway? Copeland said people with faith could just heal themselves.

In his program, he stated, “I’m talking now to Holy Spirit born again, Holy Spirit baptized, Holy Spirit speaking-in-other-tongue, healing, believing Christians that don’t watch anything but COVID-19 on the television: Your faith is idle and dumb…

“Your angel has nothing to do because all you’re listening to is the news broadcasts, and you’re exalting this, this, this, this creep!… That you have authority over!

“Oh, yes, but Brother Copeland, what happens if I get it?” Well, get healed! Dear God.”

Back in March, Copeland Copeland prayed for healing of coronavirus through the TV screen

To underline that point, he even displayed his “shield” to block the virus, saying, “You couldn’t give me that flu if you tried.”

“… and you’ll get it. Yeah, you’ll get it,” he implied if you keep listening to mainstream news. “You’ll draw it into your home… I mean, the devil will see to it that you get in contact with someone that has it.

“But when you stand in faith and say, no, I don’t mind telling you, I will never have COVID-19, I will never have any other kind of sickness and disease because, thank God forevermore, He bore my sins in His own body on the tree… Glory to God. I’m not healed now! I was healed then!… And grace is giving it to me now! I’m not the sick trying to get healed. I’m the healed and the devil’s trying to give me the flu.

“Well, I don’t take it! I have my shield up, thank you very much. Glory to God. Lord. You couldn’t give me that flu if you tried.”

In early March, he asked viewers to touch their TV screens against his oily hand in order to prevent the virus.

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