Gospel music star Kirk Franklin has been forced to apologize after an expletive-laden conversation he had with his son has gone viral.

Franklin’s son, Kerrion Rashad, shared the video to Instagram, in which the music star is heard swearing at his son and threatening him with violence.

The Grammy-winning gospel performer Kirk Franklin, who is known to those outside of the Christian music world for hosting the BET reality singing competition “Sunday Best,” posted a video to Twitter.

“Recently, my son and I had an argument that he chose to record,” he stated. “I felt extremely disrespected during that conversation and I lost my temper. And I said words that are not appropriate. And I sincerely apologize.

“I want you to know that during that conversation, I got the family therapist on the phone to try and help me. He never played that part of the recording.”

He went on to say that he he was not perfect.

Kerrion, 32, posted a recording of the argument, in which his 51 year-old father berated him with a series of insults. Kerrion also posted a message on social media, in which he says that he is “done with his dad” and that “no father should speak to their children like this.”

“No matter what people think I pray my dad deals with his deep hatred toward me,” Kerrion wrote. “I don’t feel safe around him at all.”

In December 2019, Franklin has announced that he was boycotting future Dove awards after comments surrounding racial injustice were edited out of his speech.

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