Korn founding member Brian “Head” Welch has announced a new wellness center group that he has founded after battling his own issues.

Zivel, a new wellness group I which he has partnered with Dr. Matt O’Neill to form, states that it is ‘a Performance and Recovery company that focuses on giving clients a first-class experience while generating obtainable residual income for our partners through the promotion of performance and recovery’.

Korn stated that he found himself in a very dark place, having been run down by touring, and struggling with addiction, depression, and suicidal thoughts back in 2005. He decided to get help. After re-joining the group in 2013 and staying healthy since then, he is now looking to help those who are also seeking it.

There are already two locations in Bakersfield, California, and Nashville, Tennessee, with more to come.

“I consider myself extremely blessed to have been made whole — body, mind, and spirit — and I’ve devoted my life to help others find the healing they deserve,” Welch said about his new venture. “The most exciting thing for me about Zivel is that our services can help revitalize every part of a person’s life — body, mind, and spirit — which again, is what I feel is my life’s purpose.”

Brian started his career as the co-founder of the multi-platinum band, Korn. Together with Korn, he has sold over 40 million albums globally throughout his 25 plus year career.

Korn has also announced a new tour for this coming summer.

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