Pastor and New York Times bestselling author, Max Lucado, has contracted coronavirus after he had been vaccinated.

Due to go on a golf trip in Ireland with friends after preaching in Oak Hills Church, he will instead spend his time in quarantine at home.

Lucado made the announcement on Twitter Sunday, stating. “Groan; Covid found me. Tested positive yesterday. Was planning to preach today @oakhillschurch and go with some guys on epic golf trip to Ireland tomorrow. Turns out it’s me in a downstairs room with aches, stuffy head and quarantine. Yuck.

“Still- there is reason for thanks. Good docs. Amazing wife. I’m at home instead of a hotel. My dog likes me. Though miserable, the misery would have been worse with no vaccination. So doing my best to count blessings.”

Being a thoughtful pastor, he still found the opportunity to care for his flock, stating, “Help me put this time to god use- how can I pray for you? Heaven knows, I’ll have the time to do so. Post any prayer needs and I’ll gladly pray on your behalf. Our good Father can’t catch Covid. I’ll hang out with him.”

In March last year, he posted a video to Youtube encouraging Christians not to succumb to fear. “If you feed your faith, your fears will starve,” Lucado stated in the video below he shared to Youtube. “If you feed your fears, your faith will starve. We need to make an intentional decision during this season of high anxiety and turbulence, to encourage one another and to feed one another’s faith.

“I know we’re getting new news day by day. I know that developments are changing – it seems by the hour. But let me tell you the thing that has not changed. Our Heavenly Father is still on the throne. I love what Chuck Swindoll always says: that God is not sometimes sovereign. He’s always sovereign. He really is folks, he really is.

“We’re going to get through this. It may not be quick. It may not be easy, but God is going to use this for good. The challenge that awaits us is to not give in to despair, not do foolish things. But to trust, to trust, to be that voice of trust.”

While the jury may be out as to the effectiveness of vaccines, which have not had sufficient time to be thoroughly tested, there are reports that those contracting Covid after being vaccinated get a much weaker case of the virus than those who have not been.

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