If you’ve questioned Justin Bieber’s faith, which, incidentally, none of us has the right to, as it is far from us to judge anyone, then the candid video below might help you take a different perspective.

From the outside, it is so easy to look at stars like Bieber and Kanye West and start questioning their motives when, in fact, the Hollywood world they live in is so spiritually dry that I bet Hollywood would actually be ripe for a revival.

Here is a group of people who have fame and fortune ticked off their lists, but what is next? Everyone is seeking fortunes, and some fame, yet these people have both in spades, and life for many is so empty.

Bieber was recently interviewed, where he candidly shared his faith in Jesus Christ. Not ‘God’, as so many refer to him as, but as he continually says, ‘Jesus Christ’.

“Jesus wasn’t this religious elite… He was in the dirt,” he states.“ He found me in my dirt, and pulled me out.”

This raw four-minute video shows just how important faith is in his world. Having been a star since he was a child, as well as living in the Hollywood bubble, it is easy to look on and think that perhaps, faith and God are easy words to speak, but maybe harder to live. This video might just change your perspective.

Image courtesy Facebook

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