A Missouri man who supported the crowdfunded anti-child trafficking film Sound of Freedom has been charged with kidnapping under child endangerment laws.

Fabian Marta, one of the crowd funders behind the the top grossing anti-child trafficking film, and was also listed in the movie’s credits, was charged in late July.

According to The Statesman, Marta, hailing from Chesterfield, Missouri, was among the numerous supporters who financially backed the production of Sound of Freedom. The film intricately weaves the true narrative of Tim Ballard (portrayed by Jim Caviezel), a former agent of the US government who went on to establish Operation Underground Railroad, an organization fervently committed to combating human trafficking.

According to some official news sources, the local police department confirmed Marta’s arrest subsequent to the filing of child kidnapping charges.

The precise circumstances leading to Marta’s apprehension remain shrouded in uncertainty.

It’s important to note that, in Missouri, child kidnapping is categorized as a class A felony, indicating the gravity of the offense.

Angel Studios, the studio behind the movie, released a statement surrounding the situation. “Angel Studios adhered to the requirements of federal and state laws and regulations in allowing 6,678 people to invest an average of $748.73 each into the launch of Sound of Freedom,” Neal Harmon, CEO of Angel Studios said.

“Just as anyone can invest in the stock market, everyone who meets the legal criteria can invest in Angel Studios projects. One of the perks of investing was the ability to be listed in the credits.

“We’re grateful to brave law enforcement officials who have already arrested dozens of traffickers in the weeks following Sound of Freedom’s release.

“Our film speaks to this globally-pervasive problem, and it is our hope that perpetrators everywhere will be brought to justice no matter who they are, and that even more people will see the film to raise awareness.”

The Statesman says that upon his initial appearance in court, Marta’s bail was established at $15,000. Remarkably, he was released on July 24 on the basis of personal recognizance, signifying his commitment to fulfilling legal obligations without the necessity of collateral.

Marta’s legal proceedings are scheduled to continue, with the next court date noted as August 28 as per available records.

Interestingly, prior to his arrest, Marta had contributed content to Facebook, now deleted, in which he commended the film for its courageous engagement with a challenging and sensitive subject matter.

Sound of Freedom has just announced box office revenues of $150 million.

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