• Crazy America: Is this Hindering Another Spiritual Awakening?

    Whether it’s violence in our streets or perversion in our schools, something needs to change. You know it’s true when shock rocker Ozzy Osbourne wants to leave “crazy” America! Conviction, Not Cockiness Sadly, the answer in the minds of most Christians is to bash their liberal state, post condescending memes, send angry tweets, or go […]

  • American Christianity Needs a Reality Check… and a Backbone

    America is clearly in a Civil War—but it’s a battle of words, not weapons. We are divided, tired, frustrated, and fearful. Second Chronicles 15:5-7 seems eerily similar to our situation: “And in those times there was no peace … but great turmoil was on all the inhabitants of the lands.”  Twitter bans Trump but not […]

  • ‘This is why I’m done with America’

    Yesterday was a long year. I’d only been up for four hours, which was about the length of time I’d slept the night before, and already I’d been beaten relentlessly by a social media tsunami of anti-mask proselytizing, confederate statue worship—and a quick cut horror show of trending news stories about COVID parties, Costco white […]

  • When The Problem With American Christianity ‘Has Nothing to do With Jesus’

    I meet thousands of people every year who rightly recoil against Christianity in America, who are fully sickened by its  insidious influence in our political system; who see it as a toxic presence in our nation—one that serves only to divide and perpetuate inequity and inflict injury. Yet, it’s almost universally true, that these same […]

  • ‘Pray for our leaders’ Franklin Graham urges Christians

    Franklin Graham has urged Christians to pray for the nation’s leaders amid the many challenges they face in leading the nation forward. Graham took to Facebook to call for prayer in not only an election year, but as the US government now has the added challenge of managing the coronavirus. While he specifically asked Americans […]

  • Why America is more Christian than you might think

    One week ago, I met with an old friend who was born in America but who has spent almost all of his life in Italy. He was struck by how openly and boldly the gospel was proclaimed here in the States, from massive billboards on the roadside to Christian radio and TV. A few days […]