• American Christianity Needs a Reality Check… and a Backbone

    America is clearly in a Civil War—but it’s a battle of words, not weapons. We are divided, tired, frustrated, and fearful. Second Chronicles 15:5-7 seems eerily similar to our situation: “And in those times there was no peace … but great turmoil was on all the inhabitants of the lands.”  Twitter bans Trump but not […]

  • My Ten Fears for the American Church

    I spend a lot of time on the mission field working with missionaries. I LOVE the local church wherever it is, but I fear more for the American church every time I go overseas. Here are some of my fears: 1. I fear we go through the motions without really experiencing God’s presence. Seldom have […]

  • ‘This is why I’m done with America’

    Yesterday was a long year. I’d only been up for four hours, which was about the length of time I’d slept the night before, and already I’d been beaten relentlessly by a social media tsunami of anti-mask proselytizing, confederate statue worship—and a quick cut horror show of trending news stories about COVID parties, Costco white […]