• On Covid conspiracies, do we owe Bill Gates an apology?

    As I’ve noted a few times in recent blogs, conspiracy theories are sadly one of pandemics’ symptoms. But no one has copped more flack from conspiracy theorists during the COVID-19 Pandemic than Bill Gates. Consider these as just an example: Bill Gates briefed the CIA about a “mind-altering vaccine.” Italy has called for his arrest. […]

  • ‘Bill Gates owns the patent for coronavirus vaccine’ and other anti-vaxxer myths

    On the news a few days ago, mention was made about a developing COVID-19 vaccine in the UK. It sounded encouraging and so, being an optimistic kind of guy, I decided to let my Facebook friends know about it. Here’s what I posted, “Oxford University begins human trials next week on a COVID-19 vaccine that […]

  • ‘Bill Gates talked about this pandemic four years ago’

    Isn’t it amazing how so much of our world has changed so dramatically, almost overnight? How the new normal has suddenly replaced the old normal? How everything is in a state of flux? All this makes us realize how some predicted scenarios that seemed outlandish yesterday don’t seem that farfetched today. As a kid, I […]