• Bobbie Houston ‘made redundant’ after 39 years of church service

    Bobbie Houston, the co-founder of the Hillsong megachurch, has been axed after 39 years of service to the church. The 65 year-old wife of Brian Houston, who was forced to resign after indiscretions against two women surfaced, has now been caught in the crossfire of her husband’s actions. RELATED: Former Hillsong pastors ‘threatened by Brian […]

  • Brian Houston resigns from Hillsong

    It has been announced today that Brian Houston has resigned from his position at Hillsong. His recent court proceedings from the sins of his father, coupled with alleged indiscretions toward two women have resulted in his resignation. The announcement was made at an emergency staff meeting at the megachurch’s Australian head office in Sydney’s Baulkham […]