• Business & Visibility Lessons from ‘Elvis’

    I saw the new biopic movie ‘Elvis’ last weekend. For those of you who don’t know, I was raised on Elvis. My Dad was a huge Elvis fan and my birthday (August 16th ) was on the anniversary of Elvis’s death, so I have shared my special day with: Elvis specials on CBS, Elvis radio […]

  • How to succeed as a Christian woman (or man) in business

    As a Christian woman in business, I hear all the time from women who want to start their business or go to the next level – but they want to do it God’s way. Not the world’s way. One of the questions I get the most asked is: ‘How do I succeed in business?’. The […]

  • The danger of jumping a level when you’re not ready

    In Australia, right now, I have been following the story of a rugby coach who is in all sorts of bother. The quick story is that a few years ago, he had a stellar season with the side he was coaching and he won the rookie coach of the year award. He caught the eye […]

  • So you’re an ambitious Christian. You still need to learn to hustle.

    I’ve been a Christian in business my entire working life, and in that time I have had to learn what part I play in making my life and career work, and what part God plays. Over 25 years in business has taught me that God in my work space is really only as good as […]