• “Woke” Thinking Has Infiltrated the Church at Higher Levels Than You Think

    I had an interesting experience recently when one of the largest ministry organizations in the world called and asked me to do an online training session with about sixty members of their global leadership team. After my talk, one of the questions asked was about cancel culture and how they should prepare if the cancel […]

  • Is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson the next in line to face cancel culture?

    The plot thickens as our contemporary cancel culture gets into a feeding frenzy. Who will the next victim be? First, there was an attempt to cancel Joe Rogan’s massive podcast because he was allegedly spreading misinformation about COVID and vaccines. Next, acting superstar and former professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson (aka the Rock), stood up for […]

  • What To Do When Cancel Culture Comes To Your Church

    As the controversial idea of becoming “woke” pervades our culture, I’ve been getting more and more questions from pastors and ministry leaders about what to do if “cancel culture” supporters come after their church or ministry. I thought I’d start by asking two highly respected communication consultants who happen to be friends – Johnnie Moore, founder […]

  • Flamed for his faith: Cancel culture hits Chris Pratt

    It’s started to happen. Now the cancel culture mob are turning their poisonous fangs towards prominent figures whose only ‘crime’ is that they are Christians. This week, a social media campaign has erupted, calling on Hollywood to stop working with Chris Pratt. Why? Because they believe he is a “conservative Trumper” and a “Bible pusher”. […]

  • The danger of Cancel Culture

    Cancel Culture is the push to remove all traces of something or someone from society when what they stand for doesn’t conform to current ‘group think’. At a personal level, we rightly condemn bullying in all its forms – physical, verbal and cyber. But cancel culture has somehow slipped through the back door as a […]