• Early Career Advice: Say ‘Yes’ and Figure It Out Later

    My advice for starting your career is to nearly always say “yes.” After I graduated from college and moved to Los Angeles, I was so nervous about letting down film producers, that time after time I turned down projects I didn’t think I was capable of doing. But after awhile, I needed to eat, so […]

  • Why Today Is the Moment to Start Moving Up in Your Career

    You’ve probably heard the controversy about “quiet quitting” – the idea that in today’s post-pandemic world, people have lost their motivation and are just “cruising” on the job. Companies across America are concerned about it, as productivity is dramatically dropping. There may never be a better time to advance in your career goals… One of […]

  • It’s Time to Take Ownership of Your Career and Your Life

    One of the most heartbreaking things I see during financial recessions is the absolute shock many people face when they lose their job.  It’s as if they are actually stunned.  They had just assumed a job would always be there, and now have absolutely no idea what to do next.  During my career in the […]

  • If You’re Climbing Career Ladder, Get Back to the Office

    If your goal is to move up in your career, the best way is to be back in the office – not working from home Early on during the pandemic, Apple CEO Tim Cook complained that what he missed the most when people worked from home is “serendipity” – the creative ideas that sparked when […]

  • Have You Thanked The People Who Made a Difference in Your Career?

    In high school I spent most of my spare time making movies. They were silent and short – largely because in those days my father’s super 8mm movie camera only took 3 minute reels and had no microphone. But I had a group of creative friends, and together we produced 3 minute space movies, gangerster […]

  • The importance of keeping God in the center of your business or career

    This week, my wife and I celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary. When I look at the picture below, I am still to this day amazed at the way God works things. At the time of our wedding, I was running a few businesses and my wife was working in marketing at a large church. Just […]

  • How to Handle Betrayal in your Career

    The entertainment industry can be a treacherous place to build your career. The stories of betrayal and backstabbing abound. Without describing details, I’ve found that no one is immune to it – even if you’re working among Christians. It’s a tough life and everyone feels like they’ve got to protect their back to “make it” […]

  • How to Handle Betrayal in Your Career

    Today’s post is from Laura Woodworth, our Development Executive at Cooke Media Group. She’s spent her career as a writer, communication director, producer, and media development executive. She’s writing about what many of us have dealt with – another professional who betrays us sometime in our career. Here’s her advice: The entertainment industry can be […]