• Why Doesn’t the Inner Circle of a Leader Hold Them Accountable Before They Fall?

    That’s a question that’s been repeated over and over in light of a number of recent moral failures by several high-profile church and ministry leaders. I’m not a psychologist or counselor, but from a communications perspective, I’ve helped numerous churches and ministry organizations navigate some very difficult storms during times of crisis. And while there […]

  • 11 Characteristics of Church Leaders I’d Like to Imitate

    No matter how old I get, I have much room to grow as a leader. In fact, I watch other leaders who inspire and challenge me to lead better. Here are some leadership characteristics I’ve seen in these folks (who are, most often, local church pastors):  1. They strive to imitate Jesus. That’s the bottom […]

  • Do you have to be ‘nice’ if you’re a leader?

    This may be a generational thing, but there’s been a growing idea lately that leaders have to be “nice.”  The idea is that to be effective, they have to be friendly with their team, create an atmosphere where people aren’t upset, and generally be, well, nice. Related: How Much Would it Take to Buy You […]

  • Why Christian Leaders Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Speak the Truth

    If you’ve ever spent much time in art museums, you know that much of the greatest Christian art of the past was anything BUT “family friendly.” Caravaggio’s David with the Head of Goliath for instance. Powerful painting, raw, and violent. It’s the gripping moment David holds up the head of Goliath – his severed neck […]

  • Why ‘Warts And All’ Leaders Are OK

    I am reading a fascinating book at the moment called The Kim Kardashian Principle. Just let me be clear that I didn’t buy the book because I follow the Kardashians. I don’t even watch their reality TV show. However the book caught my attention for its content. Essentially this book shows how Kim Kardashian broke Hollywood’s rules to […]