• What to Do When People Don’t Recognize Your Talent or Potential

    If your goal is to make an impact in your career or calling, it won’t be long before you meet someone who doesn’t recognize (or even dismisses) your talent. Early in my career, I worked for a man who thought so many of my ideas were stupid that he fired me. But after I left, […]

  • When a Cristian asks: ‘Is it alright to pray to Mary and the Saints?’

    It’s a question I’m regularly asked: Is it alright to pray to Mary and the Saints? I write this with the highest respect for my Roman Catholic brothers and sisters. I have learned, and continue to learn, much from you. I especially appreciate your great reverence for Mary, something that is often lacking in non-Roman […]

  • Why Can’t So Many Who Say They Reject Jesus Stop Talking About Him?

    I’ve always been fascinated at the number of people who reject Jesus or turn their backs on their Christian faith, but just can’t stop talking about it. There are an amazing number of social media sites and blogs that seem to be created for the express purpose of criticizing Christianity – something the writer’s have […]

  • Why do Christians’ lives reflect so little change? An interesting perspective from Joyce Meyer

    I was interviewed by Joyce Meyer on two of her TV programs recently because she wanted to discuss the media and how it bombards our daily lives.  She was particularly interested in how we can protect our hearts and minds (and our families) from the onslaught of violence, sexuality, and generally coarse behavior we often […]

  • Pornhub’s ‘criminal’ practices outlined at congressional briefing

    The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCSE) has hosted a briefing with a range of both sex trafficking advocates and survivors, detailed to U.S. Congress how Pornhub is “a corporation built on the monetization of sexual abuse and exploitation, profiting from rape and child sexual abuse, ignoring victims and survivors”. On April 8th, a Congressional […]

  • DMX passes away at 50

    Rapper DMX has died in a New York hospital at the age of 50. The rapper, who is a Christian, died of a heart attack from what is reported to be from a drug overdose. On Monday, a vigil was held by the Ruff Ryders to the Rescue Foundation outside of DMX’s hospital. Just last […]

  • The importance of letting God in

    I’ll be the first to admit, I’ve blocked Him out of certain areas of my life far too many times. God’s no dictator, He won’t force His way into any area of your life. He’ll wait until He’s invited. A few years ago, I remember the Holy Spirit giving me a picture of what this […]

  • Life advice from a Christian billionaire

    Okay, before you start reading this, I need to break the news to you that I am not the billionaire here. The billionaire is someone else and I am just telling the story. My wife is currently doing a Dave Ramsey Bible Study plan. You know Dave Ramsey, the finance guy who encourages Christians to […]

  • What to do when you’re overawed by the call on your life?

    Are there times where you feel like the call that has been placed on your life is in fact for someone else? What I mean by this is that the call is too big for you; there is no way that with the knowledge and skills that you possess that God could have called you […]

  • Confessions of a girl who once struggled with self-hatred

    You’ve probably heard the saying ‘from little things big things grows’. Well, allow me now to propose to you the saying ‘from little thoughts brokenness grows’. If there is something self-hatred has taught me it’s this; to not despise the small and seemingly insignificant thoughts. A glimpse into my early teenage years would reveal the […]