• Don’t feel worthy of God’s call on your life? Don’t worry, He uses imperfect people

    It is not just outside the Church, in the secular realm, that God uses imperfect people. Even within the Church, in the spiritual realm, God uses imperfect people. But there’s a simple reason for that. Imperfect people are the only kind of people that exist. Who else can God use? There’s an old joke about […]

  • Do Both the Left and Right Have it Wrong on Christian Nationalism?

    Whether it’s being called a fundamentalist because you agree with the fundamentals of the faith, a bigot because you challenge false narratives, or a homophobe because you denounce sexual sin, the goal of name-calling is always the same: to silence those with opposing views. This is exactly what’s happening with the words “Christian Nationalism.” They […]

  • What Does it Mean to Fear God?

    Someone asked me recently about an apparent contradiction in the Bible. They observed that the Bible instructs us to fear God. And yet later in the New Testament, it states that the one who fears is not made perfect in love. They told me the contradiction had been bothering them for a while. And so, […]

  • The real reason Christians are losing credibility in America

    We’ve all experienced it – the uneasy feeling that this country has lost its moral compass and we’re drifting further and further away from basic Christian principles. While America was never actually a “Christian country” it’s pretty obvious that for the last 200 years, Judeo-Christian principles have been the most popular religious tradition in our […]

  • Only the Pulpits Have the Power to Change America

    One thing is crystal clear in America: If we truly want change, we must re-spark biblical boldness and flame the fires of biblical action. If we won’t fight, then spiritually speaking, we will fade away.  I recently attended a large gathering of pastors in San Diego organized by Turning Point USA Faith. During one of […]

  • So exactly how does God lead us?

    Whether it is the Spirit leading or forbidding in the book of Acts, or the Spirit leading throughout Christian history, it’s clear that the leading of the Spirit is important.  In the Old Testament, it appears that the Spirit of God could be withdrawn completely from people, whereas in the New Testament He seals us […]

  • Churches: We Need to Start Preaching and Teaching Basics of Christianity

    Christians are more ignorant of the faith that we thought… In 2016, Lifeway Research revealed a study which indicated that the ignorance of American Christians has grown to the point that the majority could actually be considered heretics. As the study put it: Although Americans still overwhelmingly identify as “Christian,” startling percentages of the nation […]

  • American Pastors: ‘We Need More Prophets, Not Puppets’

    In a recent documentary, I discussed the rapid decline of America and the desperate need for serious prayer and fasting. To say that we are at a crossroads is an understatement—we are in the crosshairs.  This is an urgent call to the pulpits of America. America’s lukewarm temperature is caused by a lack of fire […]

  • Looking for deeper faith? Here’s how to get it

    Is this it? Is this what God meant when He thought up the New Covenant? For the last few years, I have often wondered how the faith exemplified by the Early Church has morphed from this meaningful phenomenon thousands of years ago led by an active Holy Spirit, to what I have today. Don’t get […]

  • The 4 Ways Pastors Can Lead Their Churches to be More Evangelistic

    Do you want your church to be evangelistic? Check out these four strategies for moving your church in this direction. 1. Do a Relationship Survey. Try this simple exercise with your church members. Ask them first to write the names of ten believers with whom they are close enough they could share a prayer concern […]

  • Christian Faith and Pluralism: Just how are Christians to live in this non-Christian world?

    It’s a familiar story… A dedicated Christian reads the Bible and prays before leaving for work. It’s a busy day of meetings, followed by a family dinner. As she gets into bed, she realizes that her Christian convictions haven’t consciously surfaced at all during the day. The ambitions of so-called ‘Christian leaders’ resulted in the […]

  • Church Leaders Indicted in California Over Alleged Sex Trafficking Scheme

    Leaders of a Philippines-based church have been indicted over allegedly orchestrating a sex trafficking operation that coerced girls and young women to have sex with the church’s leader under threats of “eternal damnation.” The indictment, made last week in the Central District Court of California, expands on allegations made early last year against three Los […]