• The fight to be the best (church)

    As the ash settles from the last election, the citizens enjoy a respite from the political ads. The “I’ll fight for you” ads now turn to battle cries for holding office—until the next election.Fight, fight, fight. But who is the enemy? In America, about half the people generally vote with one party, and half the […]

  • Why Young Seminarians are Interested in Church Revitalization

    For years, seminary students were more interested in church planting than in working in a church that needs revitalization. That’s changing, though—and here are some reasons why: They have a new burden for churches where they grew up. I’m always concerned they’re simply wanting to “go back home,” but that’s not what I’m seeing. They’re […]

  • Lonely kids and the role the church can play

    What’s wrong with young people today? We’ve all heard about the symptomatic things that may characterize today’s teenagers, such as lower church attendance. But what’s underneath these trends? RELATEDWhat if we started all over with church? For many young people, it’s a suffocating sense of loneliness and isolation. “This is the most lonely generation,” said […]