• For Churches with Attendance Under 250, the Five Major Developments

    The news is astounding. Churches with fewer than 250 in average worship attendance account for 92 percent of all churches in the United States. At Church Answers, we call these congregations “standard churches” because they represent all but 8 percent of churches. It is incumbent upon us, therefore, to discern what important trends and developments […]

  • Four Key Attitudes of Leaders Whose Churches Will Thrive Post-Covid

    The topic of COVID or the pandemic often brings feelings of gloom and despair. Indeed, the year 2020 will be, in many ways, a year we will choose to forget. It has been difficult for many people and many organizations. But during this trying season, I have been devouring news and studies of churches and […]

  • Why you need to treat church differently to a restaurant

    I have pretty clear memories of my first visit to a cafeteria. I was five years old, and my parents wanted our family to experience a Morrison’s Cafeteria in Montgomery, Alabama. It was amazing. I saw untold numbers of dishes of meats, vegetables, salads, fruits and, of course, desserts. I had never seen anything like […]