• After a Year of Practice, Why Isn’t Church Livestream Better?

    Pastors, communication, and media leaders: It’s been over a year since the mandated church lockdowns. Obviously, back then many churches were caught by surprise and needed to do some catching up to make their livestream worship services work for an online congregation. In that process, I know communication and media teams worked overtime getting their […]

  • As Churches Go Back, Here’s You Must Not Abandon Your Online Services

    We are seeing the trends, and they are troubling. As churches return to in-person gatherings, they are abandoning their digital and streaming services. At the very least, they are not giving them the attention they did during the quarantine. It’s a mistake. It’s a big mistake. Here are seven reasons why we believe strongly your […]

  • Back in the Church Building, Does Livestreaming Still Matter?

    Now that churches are starting to physically meet again, and even with some restrictions, most are engaging again with their congregation. However, as that happens, I’m seeing far too many pastors relax and assume the livestream service should become a lower priority. But nothing could be further from the truth. For a multitude of reasons, […]

  • Is the four-walled ministry of the church coming to an end?

    It will be great when we can gather together again in our church buildings, freely and without restriction, to worship and pray and hear the teaching of God’s Word. But it’s also great that we are being forced to think outside the box – and that means thinking outside of the four walls of our […]

  • So Will People Come Back to Church once the Coronavirus is Over?

    That’s a question I’ve been asked over and over again recently, and it’s important. We’ve all heard that business will never be the same as more and more people are sent home to work remotely (which I think will be a good thing). And that’s why thinking ahead and asking questions about how this challenge […]

  • The lives treaming skills churches are learning from televangelists

    Remember all those reasons people used to criticize TV evangelists? Particularly in the 1980’s and 1990’s, using television for evangelism generated massive audiences, but many were considered unconventional at best, and crooked at worst. But now in the age of lockdown, when everyone is live streaming worship services, pastors everywhere have become virtual TV evangelists […]

  • British minister shows how not to stream after setting himself alight

    We are often told that we need to be ‘on fire’ for Jesus, but one British vicar took the message a bit too literally. The coronavirus has been a very serious time – and it still is – so we thought we would bring you the video of the minister who got it wrong. Reverend […]