• Do We Need More Diversity in Church Leadership?

    I know “diversity” is a touchy subject, largely because so many leaders feel like it’s being forced on them in multiple ways in today’s culture. However, I’ve discovered that in most nonprofits, churches, and ministry organizations, we do need to be more intentional about making diversity happen. I still see leadership meetings at churches where […]

  • Do Both the Left and Right Have it Wrong on Christian Nationalism?

    Whether it’s being called a fundamentalist because you agree with the fundamentals of the faith, a bigot because you challenge false narratives, or a homophobe because you denounce sexual sin, the goal of name-calling is always the same: to silence those with opposing views. This is exactly what’s happening with the words “Christian Nationalism.” They […]

  • Why Churches Should Be Creative Training Centers

    Living and working in Hollywood for more than 30 years, I was thinking recently about the number of creative and media professionals I regularly meet who got their start working for a local church. For instance, I know people who are considered top TV Commercial directors today who got their start shooting videos for local […]

  • Five (Seemingly) Well-Intending Sentences That Are Hurting the Church

    Have you ever received a backhanded compliment? Just beneath the veneer of a compliment lies a stinging insult. It may not register at first, but then you feel the pain. “Congratulations, I didn’t expect you to get the job!” “You are so independent; it’s no surprise you haven’t found anyone yet.” “You really look nice […]

  • ‘Boring me to death’: British pastor stops worship band mid-song

    The footage has to be seen to be believed, but a British pastor has told his worship team to stop singing midway through a worship song, telling the congregation the song was “boring me to death.” Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, in the footage shared to Twitter below, can be seen telling the band to stop. “Okay […]

  • Only the Pulpits Have the Power to Change America

    One thing is crystal clear in America: If we truly want change, we must re-spark biblical boldness and flame the fires of biblical action. If we won’t fight, then spiritually speaking, we will fade away.  I recently attended a large gathering of pastors in San Diego organized by Turning Point USA Faith. During one of […]

  • The Three Things Every Young Church Leader Should Do

    “What can I do right now?” I had coffee with a young minister. He asked a great question. What can I do right now? The young minister (in his early 20s) wanted to know how he could lead better—starting today. He caught me a bit off guard. After all, leadership is learned and refined over […]

  • Churches: We Need to Start Preaching and Teaching Basics of Christianity

    Christians are more ignorant of the faith that we thought… In 2016, Lifeway Research revealed a study which indicated that the ignorance of American Christians has grown to the point that the majority could actually be considered heretics. As the study put it: Although Americans still overwhelmingly identify as “Christian,” startling percentages of the nation […]

  • In Church, You Can’t Be Helpful if You Can’t Be Present

    Once upon a time, a friend invited me to tour his church building during a Sunday service. Our mutual goal was to spotlight cracks in the guest process and figure out how to connect people on a simpler scale. Over the course of the morning, our tour was interrupted no fewer than twenty times. We […]

  • Ten Reasons Pastors Are Glad They Quit the World of Ministry

    Last week we looked at some regrets pastors articulated about leaving their churches during “the Great Resignation.”  In this article, we look at the other side of the coin. These pastors are glad they left pastoral ministry. Anecdotally, these comments were far more numerous than the comments of regret. In this post, we specifically focus […]