• Six Types of Churches Died During the Pandemic. This Is What They Look Like

    My purpose is neither to be morbid nor sensational.  Death is a delicate topic, especially the death of churches. My purpose is to send a warning so changes can be made quickly and urgently. My greater purpose, ironic as it may seem, is to send a message of hope. These six types of churches are […]

  • My Media Recommendations for Churches as Second Wave of COVID-19 Hits

    While many predicted a second wave of the COVID virus and related shutdowns, very few thought it would be this serious. At the same time, the impact is vastly different across the country. In some states, church is pretty much business as usual, while in places like Los Angeles (where I live) it’s becoming a […]

  • Four Key Attitudes of Leaders Whose Churches Will Thrive Post-Covid

    The topic of COVID or the pandemic often brings feelings of gloom and despair. Indeed, the year 2020 will be, in many ways, a year we will choose to forget. It has been difficult for many people and many organizations. But during this trying season, I have been devouring news and studies of churches and […]

  • Pastor’s Message: ‘Open or Die, Fight or Fade Away’

    “If you don’t stay closed, we will close you.” Comments like these are commonplace, especially in liberal states like mine (California). Like most American churches, we closed our doors when President Trump first issued the order early in 2020. We were very willing to submit to the governing authorities and protect our community—that is, until […]

  • Billy Graham’s Granddaughter Highlights the Unfair Treatment of Churches During COVID-19

    “Even during the pandemic, we saw how quickly life can change.”  Those words, spoken by Cissie Graham Lynch Tuesday at the Republican National Convention, likely ring true with all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our daily lives, in big and in small ways. And we’ve all found different ways to cope. But some […]

  • U.S. Megachurch Closes for 2020, Moves to House Churches

    Pastor J.D. Greear, of Summit Church in Durham, North Carolina, told his 12,000 congregants this week that church facilities will not reopen in 2020 and plans include launching a couple thousand house churches. “Instead of The Summit Church being 12,000 people meeting in 12 different locations on the weekend, now we are going to be […]

  • It’s time for our churches to turn back to God

    Churches have often served as the moral compass for the nation—to confront, challenge, encourage, and exhort. And this is precisely where I’d like to focus this article. It’s time for us to turn back to absolute truth and away from relativism—back to Christ and away from the broad road that leads to destruction. We must […]

  • The good news churches are reporting during the pandemic

    We have a continuous feedback loop from church leaders. Through Church Answers, social media, our podcast, and our blog, we read thousands of comments each week. I am encouraged by some of the things I am seeing. To be clear, I am not making light of the devastating impact of COVID-19 on many lives and […]