• The Things Churches Changed During Covid That They Are Keeping after Covid

    For many churches, the quarantine was a time for introspection and evaluation. We often refer to it as “the blank slate.” We know that most churches stopped meeting in person during the quarantine. We also know that churches had to pivot and make several changes. But the question we sought to answer was: What is […]

  • Six Types of Churches Died During the Pandemic. This Is What They Look Like

    My purpose is neither to be morbid nor sensational.  Death is a delicate topic, especially the death of churches. My purpose is to send a warning so changes can be made quickly and urgently. My greater purpose, ironic as it may seem, is to send a message of hope. These six types of churches are […]

  • Despite Government Restrictions, John MacArthur Urges Pastors to Reopen Churches

    Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, California is calling pastors and church leaders across America to reopen their churches despite COVID-19 restrictions by “leftist and secular government officials” who seek to “shut us down.” According to The Blaze, MacArthur released the video on his official Twitter account on Wednesday, which has since gone viral […]