• The Sin of Silence for Pastors Post-Pandemic

    Let me state up front that countless pastors and Christian leaders are currently doing amazing things. Many of them, such as Jack Graham, James Robison, Jack Hibbs, Michael Brown, and Jim Garlow, have invested into my life, and I praise God daily for them. But there is also a disturbing trend taking place. As I’ve […]

  • In lockdown, are Christians meant to obey authorities?

    Please watch this short clip about protesting in conjunction with the article. As thousands of protesters on foot and in vehicles converged recently on Michigan’s capital to rally against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s stay-at-home orders in the state (as reported here), many are asking the same question: “Is restricting movement constitutional.” More importantly, is it biblical? […]

  • What will the church look like once the coronavirus is a thing of the past?

    Church leaders and members are rightly giving much attention to dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. In-person church services are being canceled. Small groups are meeting digitally, if at all. Church leaders are urging members to support the church financially through digital giving. Churches are preparing ways to minister to their communities in the midst of […]

  • When the Coronachurch crowd is no longer cool

    The American church faces an upset like never before. The insidious coronavirus has slammed shut church doors–locking out the faithful from gathered worship. The effects may be long-lasting. For smaller churches already dealing with offering plate malnutrition, existing week to week to make payroll, this crisis may be their economic tipping point. Their doors may […]