• You Know You Can’t Wish Away A Pandemic, Right?

    As a rule, denial is a really terrible life-saving strategy, no matter how popular it might be. Yesterday, I drove past a house party in my neighborhood: thirty or so people crammed into and spilling out of a home; grabbing drinks from coolers and playing corn hole and watching TV on a porch. No social […]

  • Masked: 5 Things You Should Know About Health Risks That Authorities Won’t Tell You

    I’ve received so many emails, posts and comments about my article, Facemasks and the Great Political Divide: Controversy Divides and Creates Growing Social and Political Strife. Some angry. Some loving it. RELATEDThe Coronavirus and Socialism: Disturbing Facts You Should Know My article was really talking about the political and social aspects of mask wearing. Masks […]

  • The good news churches are reporting during the pandemic

    We have a continuous feedback loop from church leaders. Through Church Answers, social media, our podcast, and our blog, we read thousands of comments each week. I am encouraged by some of the things I am seeing. To be clear, I am not making light of the devastating impact of COVID-19 on many lives and […]

  • What happens after the coronavirus lock down?

    Two American professors have just published a paper documenting their grave concerns about current pandemic modelling, claiming that it doesn’t factor in what will happen after the current extreme social distancing measures have been lifted. Their own modelling indicates that after the current restrictions are lifted, world-wide infections and deaths from COVID-19 will skyrocket due […]