• Why Churches Should Be Creative Training Centers

    Living and working in Hollywood for more than 30 years, I was thinking recently about the number of creative and media professionals I regularly meet who got their start working for a local church. For instance, I know people who are considered top TV Commercial directors today who got their start shooting videos for local […]

  • How to Turn Your Rejected Ideas into Successful Ideas

    Old ideas can jumpstart new ones. If you’re creative, you’re bound to have boxes of rejected ideas. It’s been said that the key to better ideas is to have lots of ideas, so you have to go through a lot of rejects to find the gold.  But that doesn’t mean you toss those rejected ideas. […]

  • Is Your Lack of Boredom Killing Your Creativity?

    I’m convinced that one of the big reasons I’m creative is because as a kid I was bored to death at church.  My dad was the pastor, so I had to sit with my mom and sister on the front row of the sanctuary every time the church doors opened. As a little kid, I […]