• Seven Characteristics of Highly Evangelistic Christians

    For over twenty years I have been researching and studying churches, primarily those in North America. I had the joy of serving as senior pastor in four churches where God blessed with evangelistic growth. I have written over twenty books about the church in America. I am not giving you my credentials to impress you, […]

  • A theory on why we Christians don’t evangelize

    In some studies, fear is the #1 reason Christians give for not sharing their faith. I think there’s another reason, though, we cannot ignore. The Gospel of Mark has helped me to see this problem, and I invite you to review the Word as you read this post. In several stories in the first half […]

  • Jesus at the pub: outreach opportunity or a dangerous cocktail?

    The controversy divided the congregation. “You want to start a ministry in a pub? Jesus would roll over in his grave!” Aside from already rolling over–and out, I suspect Jesus is just fine with the pub outreach. But I know not everyone agrees. In fact, when people see a pub ministry depicted in our documentary […]

  • The 10 ways you can make personal evangelism work

    Even as a professor of evangelism, I have to continually push myself to do evangelism. For what it’s worth (and frankly, as a matter of accountability), here are some steps I’m taking to move in the right direction: 1. Ask God daily to let me see people as He sees them. I tend to see […]