• ‘He Gets Us’ to spend $1 billion promoting Jesus, including Superbowl ads

    A Christian group is spending up to one billion dollars on a new campaign to promote Jesus Christ and the values they believe he held. The “He Gets Us” campaign, which has already started appearing online via billboards and airwaves across the nation, most recently during NFL playoff games, with the goal of presenting Jesus […]

  • For Churches with Attendance Under 250, the Five Major Developments

    The news is astounding. Churches with fewer than 250 in average worship attendance account for 92 percent of all churches in the United States. At Church Answers, we call these congregations “standard churches” because they represent all but 8 percent of churches. It is incumbent upon us, therefore, to discern what important trends and developments […]

  • Seven Characteristics of Highly Evangelistic Christians

    For over twenty years I have been researching and studying churches, primarily those in North America. I had the joy of serving as senior pastor in four churches where God blessed with evangelistic growth. I have written over twenty books about the church in America. I am not giving you my credentials to impress you, […]

  • A theory on why we Christians don’t evangelize

    In some studies, fear is the #1 reason Christians give for not sharing their faith. I think there’s another reason, though, we cannot ignore. The Gospel of Mark has helped me to see this problem, and I invite you to review the Word as you read this post. In several stories in the first half […]

  • Jesus at the pub: outreach opportunity or a dangerous cocktail?

    The controversy divided the congregation. “You want to start a ministry in a pub? Jesus would roll over in his grave!” Aside from already rolling over–and out, I suspect Jesus is just fine with the pub outreach. But I know not everyone agrees. In fact, when people see a pub ministry depicted in our documentary […]

  • The 10 ways you can make personal evangelism work

    Even as a professor of evangelism, I have to continually push myself to do evangelism. For what it’s worth (and frankly, as a matter of accountability), here are some steps I’m taking to move in the right direction: 1. Ask God daily to let me see people as He sees them. I tend to see […]